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TG202 Vertical Shoulder Holster for Airsoft guns

TG202A ACU Digital Camouflage

TG202A ACU Digital Camouflage

TG202B Black

TG202B Black

TG202A (Rear View)

TG202A (Rear View)

TG202B (Rear View)

TG202B (Rear View)


  • Versatile vertical shoulder holster
  • Come with swappable holster and magazine pouch
  • Easy thumb release
  • Designed with straps to secure to tactical utility belt
  • Material:
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs/pcs (0.15 kg/pcs)

Packing Information:

  • 120 pcs/case
  • 39.6 lbs/case (18 kg/case)
  • Dimensions: 25x17x13 (in), 64x44x34 (cm)
  • 3.38 CBF/case (0.096 CBM/case)

Models: TG202Ax    TG202Bx   TG202Cx    TG202Dx   TG202Gx    TG202Wx


A: ACU Digital Camouflage               

B: Black                

C: Woodland Camouflage              

D: Desert Camouflage

G: OD Green

W: Woodland Digital Camouflage


Notes: x

 R: Right Handed

 L: Left Handed

Example: TG202BL - Black Vertical Shoulder Holster Left Handed

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