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TG255 Universal Vertical Shoulder Holster

TG255AA ACU Digital Camouflage

TG255AA ACU Digital Camouflage

TG255BA Black

TG255BA Black

TG255GA OD Green

TG255GA OD Green

TG255TA Coyote Tan

TG255TA Coyote Tan


  • Made from lightweight durable polyester with PVC coating
  • High quality and very well designed vertical shoulder holster with loaded features
  • A Type - one holster and one clip pouch; B Type - two holsters
  • Comfortable fit around the shoulders with padded shoulder harnesses
  • Holster with soft lining to protect guns
  • Check TG257 for replacement holster
  • All parts are fully adjustable
  • Modular design allows for both left and right handed use
  • Velcro straps secure to tactical utility belt for holster/pouch tension
  • Universal design to fit most popular auto pistols and revolvers
  • Material:
  • Weight: 0.60 lbs/pcs (0.27 kg/pcs)

Packing Information:

  • 72 pcs/case
  • 42.9 lbs/case (19.5 kg/case)
  • Dimensions: 25x17x13 (in), 64x44x34 (cm)
  • 3.38 CBF/case (0.096 CBM/case)

Models: TG255Ax    TG255Bx   TG255Cx    TG255Dx   TG255Gx    TG255Tx   TG255Wx


A: ACU Digital Camouflage               

B: Black                

C: Woodland Camouflage              

D: Desert Camouflage

G: OD Green

T: Coyote Tan

W: Woodland Digital Camouflage

Notes: x

A: One holster and one magazine pouch

B: Two holsters


Example: TG255BA - Black Vertical Shoulder Holster with Holster and Magazine Pouch

                 TG255AB - ACU Digital Camouflage Vertical Shoulder Holster with Two Holsters

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